Intelligent Reach Platform – User life cycle management


For new merchant on the IR platform that are to have multiple users working on that account, we would suggest creating an initial admin user, who would then own and manage the creation & deletion of all subsequent users.


The user account creation flow would look something like the following:


1.       Create an initial admin user with “full access” to all platform functions and with the special privilege of being able to also create and manage any other user accounts.  Note: for the creation of subsequent users, it would be in this screen that their levels of access would be set.



2.       This would trigger a “welcome email” to be sent to the new user’s email address supplied in the process above. In the platform you would see that new user’s status is that of “pending.”



Dear xxxxx,

Welcome to the Intelligent Reach, the platform that drives retail product profitability.

You are receiving this email as you have been setup as a user on our platform. Please
click here and select "Sign up now" to complete the registration process before you are able to get started.
This should take no longer than a minute.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems during this process, please don't
hesitate to email the Intelligent Reach Service Desk on for assistance.

Thank you

The Intelligent Reach Team



3.       The embedded hyperlink in the welcome email would then take them to the platform login page, where they will need to click on the “sign up now” button.

4.       On the subsequent sign up page, the user would first have to validate their email address by requesting a code which would be sent by email, and then entering the 6-digit validation response in the box provided.

5.       Once their email address has been validated, the final step would require them to create an account password that meets the following restrictions.