The Rules feature built into the IR Product Viewer allows you to very quickly and easily take a number of actions on your data and there are two key ways to Open and View Rules.

Firstly, by selecting the Rules View on the Product Viewer itself:

Or secondly, by opening the Rules Slider that is accessible from the action buttons as shown below:

In order to Create a new rule, select the ‘Add Rule’ button from the Slider, ensuring that you have also selected the correct partner that you wish to create a rule for:

Which will then open the rules builder. You will then need to give the Rule a name, select a Group that the Rule belongs to from the drop down menu e.g. Stock Rules and outline two more key parts of the Rule:

1. Rule Condition – signified by the blue ‘If This’ box, this is the product on which you wish to take action
2. Rule Action – what action you would like to take on these products

Please see examples below:

In order to create the rule condition, please select the condition field and search or navigate to the relevant data field:

Then select the matching criteria:

And enter the appropriate value:

You can then select the action you would like to take on the data from a range of actions including:

Replace – Overwriting the value in a designated field
Find and Replace – Replacing only a certain value with a field
Add to the left – of the existing value
Add to the right – of the existing value

Once the rule is written, you can choose to add Scheduling, if appropriate, by clicking Add Schedule and adding Start/End dates as needed:

If additional context to why the rule is needed, this can be added with the Add Note function:

Once your rule is complete, click ‘Apply’ in the bottom right hand corner:

Some common examples of rules that users set through the Platform would be:

Adding Labels to sets of products e.g. New In, High Value, Sale etc
Removing HTML/Broken characters
Adding tracking parameters to links
Changing ID’s exported

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Intelligent Reach Team